UK expected to get more fruit and vegetables from Africa (brexit)

With the UK importing about 7% of its fruit and vegetables from Africa currently brexit means that the UK will source for other countries to get these goods filling the 90% gap currently occupied by the EU countries. Spain and Netherlands have occupied about 50% spot in fresh vegetable imports, with minor import from other neighbouring EU countries. Looking at the fragile nature of these fresh produce Africa stands a better chance of filling this space because most Africa countries especially the West African countries have a lot to benefit. The weather in West Africa is best for vegetables and fruit production and never have there been any point in time where there is no readily availability of these items in this region. The point is that are these African regions watching the trend of events in the West and then finding ways to fill it like the chiness always do.

Nigeria for example have a 100% focus on crude oil and as such other areas of production have been neglected.

Oyo state in Nigeria is known for Agriculture . The climate in the state favours the cultivation of crops like maize, yam, cassava, millet, rice, plantains, cocoa, palm produce, cashew etc. The government of Oyo state needs to invest more and encourage its people to go on large scale farming. From research this state alone can supply UK with vegetables and therefore build a stable market in the West. The northern state of Nigeria are known to grow millet, sorghum, and cowpea, groundnut and sesame etc.

It is heart breaking that a country of nigeria with population of 200 million people and have one of the best weather in the world are struggling to feed themselves let alone produce enough to export to other countries. The citizens cannot do enough without the support of the government and with this opportunity of brexit and couple with the fact that crude oil have lost its value we encourage African countries to hurry up and fill the spot the Uk is looking for at this time.