Accesing the impact of coronavirus in Africa

There is shrink on global economy and investment and the world could go into recession globally leaving African countries in a difficult and fragile state of economy where each state will depend on massive borrowing to survive. This increases the poverty level of Africa and therefore gives room for exploitation by countries who pretend to be of help to Africa. The countries that will exploit africa are china and possibly EU.

Be careful with china, they give with one hand and take with 10 hands and they do it slowly until they take over. Eu is not a worry as they understand the plight of Africa but because they need to survive and because African leaders are fraudsters and porous they fall victim.

The way out is for Africans to use this opportunity of lockdown to evaluate themselves and becomes self independent by investing locally through micro and macro production at the grassroot level. Go back to farming, hides and skin, reactivate your refineries think locally before going out. Ban importations to the maximum, think about it “everywhere is locked down, are you still not surviving?” Ban all chinese goods and products including their technology, phones etc. Import litle not from china but from America. The chinese do not want you to do anything they want you to depend on them so they can take over, this is imperialism.

Africa should avoid chinese and their goods and push them back to china. Africa is depreciating due to dependency on china. Time to act and act fast